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Video Games, Television, even playing on the computer leads to inactivity. Have you heard it's too hot outside" as an excuse. Have you notice how many of today's youth and adults are over-weight? How about a fun activity that can keep you fit.

Being overweight is often cause be a deficient attitude, Charles teaches not only skating but also motivational concepts. After attending one of Charles' classes you will develop a more positive attitude. a new attitude in fact. This will help in you weight loss program. Plus it's FUN!

Young people get in trouble when they are just "Hanging Out". Give them planned activities that they can enjoy and there will be no trouble. Skating on a team with choreographed moves is exciting. Look at this video clip. Charles can teach them this.

One of the most important characteristics of a champion is a good attitude. When we believe we can do something we normally excel. Never start by saying I cant do that. Always be willing to put forth some effort and more importantly be willing to try new things. Without exception be polite and respectful to the instructors, parents, skating rink staff, and other students.


Look at this clip! Click here  This clip  makes you say say "WOW" Anyone who really wants to learn can be taught. When you learn to skate well and perform, you will get respect. Respect builds self-esteem. Self-esteem promotes confidence. All this will result in self-improvement of all types, including better grades for students.

No one ever wins without preparation. Be dedicated to improving and demonstrate this dedication by practicing and improving your skills.
When you make a decision to become a champion it is important to always put your best foot forward. Champions do more than win events. True champions have good character, work extremely hard, and believe they can be the best.

We believe......that you are....a true champion!